Sadly, it’s near the end of summer break. 😦 We’re not REALLY sad…..just a little. We’re only sad ,though, because we HATE waking up at 7:30 in the morning. I know it’s not much to complain…but it is kind of tough.

BUT…we’re happy because we’ll FINALLY get to see each other after a LONG ,HOT summer. We’ve been REALLY busy lately…that we haven’t had a time to just sit back and chill. BUT with school…we can just hang out during recess and some classes. 

Well, I better go School Supply Shopping ,now. 



and Remember…

THINK Crazy.ACT Crazy. BE Crazy



Hi my name is Angelica, Here is some stuff about me but not to  much stuff…I live in Colorado.I am in middle school.I love to Draw Write and more.Lots of poeple find me having lots of artistic ability.I love Drawing lots of poeple draw like me I draw realistic things although I can draw the cartoons, too. I love to write, i not so much read…and I love to create arts I love to do stuff although I am not a poeple person.

Me and Abigail are REALLY close, and we have an AWESOME friendship. I look forward to you guys reading about our blog and just want to Thank you.

I’ll see you soon. 

And Remember…

THINK Crazy.ACTCrazy.BE Crazy

Abigail + Angelica = Best Friends For LIFE

 Me and Angelica created this blog for people who are CRAZY,WILD, and just Live life to the Fullest. We knew how many people there are like this out there…and so we thought to create this blog.

 This blog will be ,in a sense, just us being CRAZY, WILD, and LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST….so…just expect that from us. 

  Anyways, so you guys don’t freak out and think that we’re pedophiles or stalkers or just scary people…we’re going to type another post telling about us.

The best of the Best,

Angelica & Abigail


Hello, My name is Abigail, and I am the main person who works on this blog.I’m the one with most experience with WordPress…so I get to manage this blog.

  To start off…I have an Outgoing personality. Though…only when I’m not in a class room. I’m outgoing at home, with my friends, at the store…mostly ANY WHERE…and this is a GREAT thing. Not only do I have an outgoing personality…but I am an easily expressive person. I can easily be inspired to draw,write, or do anything that involves expressing myself. I express myself through my clothing, drawing,writing, singing, talking, and typing on my handy dandy laptop. 

  Some other little facts you should know about me are that I live in Colorado, I’m kind of a nerd, I  am kind of a tech person, and I have a blog of my own…which is called:

I hope you kind of get what type of person I am…See you soon

Don’t forget!

THINK Crazy, ACT Crazy,BE Crazy!!!