Abigail + Angelica = Best Friends For LIFE

 Me and Angelica created this blog for people who are CRAZY,WILD, and just Live life to the Fullest. We knew how many people there are like this out there…and so we thought to create this blog.

 This blog will be ,in a sense, just us being CRAZY, WILD, and LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST….so…just expect that from us. 

  Anyways, so you guys don’t freak out and think that we’re pedophiles or stalkers or just scary people…we’re going to type another post telling about us.

The best of the Best,

Angelica & Abigail


About angelicagmabigail

We are two best friends Expressing our Crazyness to many people. We love being together and thinking of funny,Wild,Crazy ideas. We don't usually fight...but we sometimes end up fighting. We hope to see you guys soon..BYE

2 responses to “Abigail + Angelica = Best Friends For LIFE

  1. hahahahahahaahaha…WE DID IT ANGELICA!

  2. Hey….I’m so proud of this blog…we’ve had many visits!

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