Hi my name is Angelica, Here is some stuff about me but not to  much stuff…I live in Colorado.I am in middle school.I love to Draw Write and more.Lots of poeple find me having lots of artistic ability.I love Drawing lots of poeple draw like me I draw realistic things although I can draw the cartoons, too. I love to write, i not so much read…and I love to create arts I love to do stuff although I am not a poeple person.

Me and Abigail are REALLY close, and we have an AWESOME friendship. I look forward to you guys reading about our blog and just want to Thank you.

I’ll see you soon. 

And Remember…

THINK Crazy.ACTCrazy.BE Crazy


About angelicagmabigail

We are two best friends Expressing our Crazyness to many people. We love being together and thinking of funny,Wild,Crazy ideas. We don't usually fight...but we sometimes end up fighting. We hope to see you guys soon..BYE

2 responses to “Angelica

  1. It’s great to have a best friend to talk to about all of the crazy things that go on in your life! But if you were invited to join a super secret society, do you think you could resist telling her? Find out how our main character Nia deals with this dilemma in Cameo the novel #CameoNia

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